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Counseling for Adults, Teens & Children


General FAQ's
  1. What is your rate?[+]
    Rates vary and are based on the counselor's level of education, license, experience and training. They range from $85 per hour to $185 per hour for licensed and experienced counselors.
  2. Do you take insurance?[+]
    Whether or not you can receive reimbursement from your insurance provider depends on your plan. You will need to check with your provider as to how they treat out-of-network providers. Clients using their insurance pay the full fee at the appointment and use a receipt provided by HopeTree Counseling to receive reimbursement (at their plan’s rate).
  3. Can I use my Flex Spending or Health Savings Account (“HSA”) to pay for counseling?[+]
    Yes! We encourage you to use these accounts if you have them. It is essentially like getting a tax deduction for the $ you spend on counseling.
  4. What are your hours?[+]
    • Hours vary by counselor. HopeTree Counseling can provide a counselor for evening or weekend hours.
  5. Where is your office?[+]
    The HopeTree Counseling office address is:
    3326 Aspen Grove Drive, Suite 275
    Franklin, TN 37067
  6. Does HopeTree Counseling offer services to kids?[+]
    Yes. See more information here.
The Counseling Process
  1. How do we get started?[+]
    Email or call the HopeTree Counseling office at (615) 538-0636.

    In your voicemail or email, state what type of counseling you're looking for and the day(s) and/or part(s) of the day that work best for you.
  2. For couples, why do you want both partners there at the first session?[+]
    The bulk of the sessions are done with the couple together in the room. We've found with couple counseling that it has the greatest chance for success if both partners start at the same time. One reason is it creates neutral ground for both people. So when we work with a couple, we like to have the first session with them together and then after that have an individual session with each person (to get some background) before returning to couple sessions.

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