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Interested in doing your Play Therapy internship at HopeTree Counseling?

HopeTree Counseling offers a supervised clinical experience for Master's level students seeking to complete their practicum and internship requirements.

We offer a holistic and attachment orientated supervisory experience provided by one of our licensed therapists. Prospective interns who are interested in deepening their understanding and application of clinical skills related to child and family therapy are encouraged to apply by following the steps below.

Ideal candidates are self-starters open to learning and guidance. They must be interested in working with clients from an attachment-focused orientation in a private-practice setting.

To Promote Flourishing....

All of us counselors have been at the spot you're in now -taking what you've learned so far and applying it to actual clients. It can be overwhelming and fill you with self-doubt. HTC is a place where both clients and therapists are supported on their journeys. Our mission statement is "To promote flourishing through attachment focused interventions and techniques." We believe this mission statement includes both clients and clinicians.
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The Play Therapist Supervisor

Applying for a Practicum/Intern Position

HopeTree Counseling is currently accepting applications for Fall 2024 or later.

Step 1:

Download and fill out the application below. You'll need to scan and attach the pdf to the web form you fill out in Step 2.

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Step 2:

Click on the link below to attach your resume and completed application