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Counseling for Adults, Teens & Children

Couple Counseling

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Research shows that 69% of the things we argue about aren't about right or wrong.  So for about seven out of ten of these arguments there isn't a solution except to compromise.

The goal of counseling is to build the couple's bond. With the bond as their foundation, couples can overcome conflict and other struggles.

Counseling can help if you keep fighting about the same issues over and over, if one of you is having or has had an affair, or are just having trouble connecting on a deep emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

We use Emotionally Focused Therapy (“EFT”) working with couples.

Couples Dating Who Feel Stuck

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Are you moving towards marriage? Does it feel like your relationship is in limbo (moving neither forward or backward)? Does one of you want more of a commitment than the other is willing to give? Do you have conflict the two of you can't move past? If your desire is to be married one day, dating with purpose is important. Otherwise, you may just be wasting time.

If you’ve been dating for a long period of time and you’re considering the next step or you still aren’t sure where your relationship is heading, counseling can help. Sessions are focused on talking about the issues that are important to deciding the future of your relationship.

Premarital & Pre-Engaged Couples

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According to a study conducted by The Fairchild Bridal Group, the average wedding cost over $26,000.  Yet most don’t spend even a fraction of that preparing for the marriage.  Premarital counseling is an investment that pays dividends for the rest of a couple's life.

There are two options:

Premarital counseling on an hourly basis addressing any issues the couple has.

Alternatively, we offer the PREPARE/ENRICH Package which is a more guided process usually spanning between six and ten 50-minute sessions. We use the PREPARE/ENRICH program which offers a customized report for the engaged couple. The report is created after the couple responds separately to a list of questions online. in session, we use the customized report to discuss topics like finances, conflict, sex, and in-laws among other things. There is an upfront fee of $50 to cover the PREPARE/ENRICH reporting fee and supplies.

Over 2 million couples have gone through the PREPARE/ENRICH program which discriminates premarital couples that get divorced from those that are happily married with about 80-85% accuracy.  For more information on PREPARE/ENRICH, go to their website.

$250 Symbis Package

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Click on the image above to get information about the Symbis Package for Premarital and Dating Couples

Couple Counseling Intensive

The intensive begins Friday afternoon and ends Sunday night and is tailored to the specific needs of the couple.

This is a "residential treatment" meaning couples are not permitted to go home between clinical sessions.

50% payment is due at the time of booking the Intensive. Cancelation requires a one-week advance notification for full refund.

The clinical schedule is:

Friday: 3 hours of assessment
Saturday: 6 hours of treatment
Sunday: 4 hours of treatment, 2 hour of closure & planning

In between the counseling times couples are required to do exercises ("homework") -both individually and together.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
Lao Tzu